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  • What is the cost of action?
  • How often do you question your defaults?
  • How do you use technology without becoming dependent on it?
  • How do you tell if produce is fresh?
  • Do you trust your body to heal itself?
  • How do the layers of the internet work?

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January 08, 2021
When learning, seek difficulty : https://rin.fo/difficult
January 07, 2021
Hello fediverse! Setup my personal https://pleroma.social instance at https://t.rin.fo
October 16, 2020
On Third Thought... : https://rinaldofowler.com/reflection
October 09, 2020
Develop Skills Like Making Taffy : https://rinaldofowler.com/taffy
October 02, 2020
External Reminders - Augment Your Brain : https://rinaldofowler.com/external
September 25, 2020
Live for Tuesday : https://rinaldofowler.com/tuesday