Rinaldo Fowler

How I control my phone


I broke my dependence on my phone with three letters. AOB. Airplane mode. Off. In my bag.

I'm leery of things that encourage addiction. I want to be in control of the technology I use. That technology shouldn't use me.

Airplane Mode. Disable the temptation to go online. My computer doesn't have wifi. When I disconnect the ethernet cable, projects and books appeal.

Off. Eliminate task juggling. When I turn off a device, I have to start fresh. I focus on the one reason I'm turning it on.

In a bag. Or drawer. Or shelf. Create a physical barrier. I remove my phone from sight. There's no question about notifications when I can't see it.

Each of these forces me to answer the question: What am I using this device for?

Once I act on the answer, the phone returns to AOB.