Rinaldo Fowler

The Practice - Seth Godin

The Practice - Seth Godin

ISBN: 0593328973
Date read: 2020-11-15
Recommended for: People who aren't making things yet.
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Make stuff. Share it with others. Improve it. Repeat. Commit to doing this regardless of reception.

my notes

Following instructions doesn't encourage searching for new solutions.

Change happens when someone cares enough.

Bread on the hook.

You may be limited by talent, but it's more likely you're limited by skill.

A quality process doesn't guarantee quality. But it increases the likelihood.

Reassurance is futile.

Taste is a skill.

Juggling is about throwing, not catching.

Hard problems don't come with instructions.

Commit to improving your craft, the outcome is out of your control.

Don't build your practice on motivation. Build the practice, the motivation will take care of itself.

Don't talk yourself out of it. Act now, avoid the waiting place.

Work then flow, not flow then work.

Mastery breeds passion.

A poor decision may pay off once, but over time the benefits of a quality process will show.

Trust your self. Three words.

Make things. Improve them. Repeat.

Focus on what you can control. External events aren't it.

Don't wait for others to tell you what you are. Act like a master without needing the recognition.

We confuse "I am" with both facts and stories. Conflating the two gets us into trouble.

Don't mistake number of iterations for genius.

Your past identity is a sunk cost. You can develop a new identity right now if you're willing to part with it.

Blog. It establishes your identity long before anyone cares.

If I value generosity, how does cynicism help me become more generous?

Comfort is considerate. Meta-considerate might mean discomfort.

Keeping the ball out of your court isn't enough, you have to serve.

"Everyone" is a trap. Change someone.

Choosing to exclude comes with creation.

If you choose to work at the fringes, don't expect resonance.

Detach from the outcome. You're already falling.

How often do you recommend a competitor?

No one owes you anything. Not even gratitude.

If I failed, would it be worth the journey?

Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

Explore the penumbra. Outside of existing wisdom.

You will be judged for staying or changing. Choose to change.

Change. Who. What. How will you know if it worked?

Widespread change comes from friends, not you.

What will they tell their friends?

Be intentional about your design. Spaceship decorations.

Why build something else to support you doing the thing, when you can do the thing now?

"Authenticity" is intentional.

Excuses and roadblocks both stop you. Roadblocks stop everyone.

Credentials don't guarantee an expert.

Does this help me? Filter self-talk and stories through this question.

Is it real? Is it working?

Yes, and...

Just say Thank You.

Seek out the invested critics.

"Regular" can be provided elsewhere. Give them what they can only find here.

The time spent was gone if it had worked, gone if it hadn’t. Move on.

where the modern phrase “chop

Draw water, chop wood. Daily harmony in work.

Make something worth sharing.

What does quality look like? Decide first.

If they don't like your work, they won't come back. Don't overestimate your competence.

"Genre, but..." make it easier for people to share.

If there are no questions, they're not invested.

Find delight in the work. That's how skill is built.