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Your Music And People - by Derek Sivers

Your Music And People - by Derek Sivers

ISBN: 978-1988575001
Date read: 2020-12-27
Recommended for: People who want to professionally create or that works with people.
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Be creative and considerate. This applies not only to your art, but to marketing, business, and every aspect of your profession.

my notes

I had a lot of trouble taking notes from this book. Each subsection gives me pause as I think about how I could apply the idea. Each new subsection takes me a different place, so what should be a short read results in hours of reflection.

Creativity applies just as much to marketing and business as it does to the creation itself.

Your industry is full of individuals with their own passions. Talk to them. Get personal. Stay in touch.

Ask for help, but don't wait for help.

Describe your work in a curious way, and it will travel faster and further.

Web address at the end of each chapter.

Presentation matters and confers meaning.

Use your art as a filter for marketing: communication style, how you share your work, the stories you tell about yourself and your work.

Business is only boring if you let it.

This is a test. Everything is a test.

Constraints breed creativity. Use them in your art and in your business.

Invite mystery, don't explain unless necessary. Let people interpret.
Once people start wondering, they can't stand not knowing.

Be considerate and give them something different.

Marketing means making it easy for people to notice you, relate to you, remember you, and tell their friends about you.

Why are they really reading this line of text?

Sounding like a corporation is a trap. Use "I" and sound like a person.

When contacting someone:
Succinct version. 30 seconds.
If instant, ask if they have time. If yes, get personal. If no, succinct version.
If delayed, few sentences. 10 seconds. Link to more and contact information.

Keep track of their preference of communication for future use.

Life is like high school

Shouting louder is rarely the answer.

Get personal as soon as possible.

What's the hardest part about your job?
Use the complaints to learn how to help people.

Get presents for the people you've met that are probably under-appreciated. Don't waste gifts on the high-power people. They already receive too many.

Pedestals prevent friendships