Rinaldo Fowler

Meditation - Don't stay focused, return to focus


The skill of meditation is bringing your mind to the present.

It reminds me of that feeling you, a day late, that you've found the perfect retort. Except, instead of a retort, you find that you weren't mentally present.

I used to drive long distances, and I would use audiobooks to entertain myself. Often an idea would click, and I would spend the next 20 minutes thinking about that idea, all while the audiobook continued unheard.

With practice, I noticed my cardreaming sooner. I could then pause the audiobook or explore the idea later. 20 minutes became 10, 10 minutes became 5, and sometimes I would notice after 30 seconds.

In a 20 minute meditation session, being distracted for 19 minutes is still a success.

How many conversations have you lived through with less focus?