Rinaldo Fowler

After adversity, write a run book.


After you've resolved a challenge, write down the steps you took.

When a pilot has an issue during a flight, they pull out their flight book. The flight book details everything that the pilot needs to check. The steps they need to take. And the diagnosis of the issue, born from the experience of the industry.

Use your experience to write run books of your own. * What do you need to look for when renting an apartment? * What do you need to pack when you're going on a trip? * What do you need to do when you find yourself in panic?

When you run into these situations in the future, the answer from before may not work. But your run book will remind you what to check, and will help you think clearly.

Stories are the oldest run books. They remind us what plants are dangerous, and what to do if you eat one anyway.

They echoed through the ages, refined and remixed by each teller.

How can you refine and remix your own challenges?