Rinaldo Fowler

Develop Skills Like Making Taffy


Stretch to learn a new skill, and then fold what you've learned back into your life.

When I was young, I saw the taffy machine at the town festival. Taffy is an American candy made from boiled sugar, butter or oil, and flavorings. The taffy machine had two rotors that would stretch, fold, and recombine the ingredients until the taffy was filled with tiny air bubbles. This produced a light, fluffy candy that was a favorite of festival goers.

When I wanted to make my writing simpler, I learned to write my thoughts and then edit to remove clutter. I picked one thing and extended myself just enough to solve my problem.

Then, I thought about how I could fold this idea into the rest of my life. Where could I benefit from separating creation from editing? Where could I remove clutter?

When I treat my skills like taffy, I'm not overwhelmed by options.

What skill can you stretch and fold next?